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Outside School Hours Care - Learning Stories & Evaluations (OSHC-LSE)

A 7 day FREE trial is available when the first subscription period begins.

Streamline your OSHC service with an app designed to aid in the never-ending process of documenting in line with the National Quality Framework (NQF). The OSHC-LSE app will reduce time Educators spend on documentation which ultimately cuts the running cost of your service. It is an excellent tool for Educational Leaders to evaluate how the program is going and implement extensions to learning based on Educator and Child feedback. It also clearly demonstrates the 'Cycle of Planning' in showing how children's needs and interests guide the Educational Program.

Note: A comprehensive User Guide is available within the app and on the support website showing you the default login and how to get started: www.nigelgreensapps.com/oshc-lse
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OSHC-LSE app is free to download. All users get a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL at the start of their first subscription period.

1 Month Subscription - $17.99

(If you decide not to continue with the app you need to turn off Auto-renewal by using the Manage Subscriptions button after purchase.)

Enter unlimited Educators. Assign them permissions and keep track of their progress in completing required documentation. Educators have access to a 'Shared Team Observations and Reflections' journal. This enables valuable sharing of information between team members. Educators also have a 'Personal Reflection' journal visible only to themselves and the Educational Leader(EL). This enables the EL to stay informed of the needs of each Educator in a format that is non-intrusive and easily accessible.

Create UNLIMITED Child Profiles to document their heritage, interests, medical/dietary/physical needs, restrictions, parent notes, observations, evaluations and assessments.
EVALUATE each child against the 5 Learning Outcomes and complete Annual Evaluations and a Summative Assessment if desired.
ASSESSMENT: Record and link evidence to demonstrate each child's ongoing Learning and Development.
OBSERVATIONS can be recorded individually for each child to inform goal setting.

Can include both Educator and Child's evaluations. Select Outcome and Elements; Developmental Domains; Principals and Practices and suggest an Extension for Learning. Tagging children includes them in emails and reports.

Utilise for Learning Stories; Create Posters featuring your children, Educators and environments; Write Newsletters; Create quick Displays to share with families; Memos, Invitations, Notices. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination! Contains links to MTOP; EYLF and NQS for quick insertion into your document. Create custom Tags to insert, this is useful for including elements of other frameworks such as Kindy.

Webbing (Mind-mapping) is a great visual programming aid. Fully editable, this allows you to link nodes, insert photos and Tags. Include each child's input and tag them to automatically include them in reports and emailing to families.

Reports are useful to give you an overall view of how your documentation is going. Choice of time period - Day/Week/Month/Year. Reports tell you which children have/have not been included in documentation such as Learning Stories; Documents; Evaluations and Webbing. There are reports to help keep track of Educators progress in completing required documentation. Each report can be emailed and saved for future reference.

The OSHC-LSE app includes all future updates and NO hidden costs for UNLIMITED Children, Educators and Documentation! Contains online links to current versions of both the MTOP and EYLF frameworks which means no more wasting time thumbing through literature. The time you gain using the OSHC-LSE app in your service, can then be given back to the children - who after all, are the main reason we all choose to work in OSHC. :)

The User Guide PDF is available for download here

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