Family Day Care - Observations, Planning and Evaluations (FDC-OPE)


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This app will give you back valuable time and relieve the frustration of documentation!

Family Day Care - Observations, Planning and Evaluations (FDC-OPE) provides digital documentation for the FDC Educator to complete child profiles and observations, evaluations of learning and development and planning to meet children's interests and needs. Includes separate screens for Educator reflections, program webbing, a daily record for the child and a section for creating learning stories, experiences, posters, displays, certificates etc.

Streamline your Family Day Care service with an app designed to aid in the never-ending process of documenting in line with the National Quality Framework (NQF). The app contains references to the MTOP and EYLF frameworks which means all the information is available at the touch of a finger, no more wasting time thumbing through literature.

Keep all your documentation in one convenient location and share the children's daily experiences with their family through direct email or messaging, sharing to your Facebook page, printing for display or adding to digital portfolios on a USB drive.

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