Do you like to play lotto?

Lucky Nos. is a quick and easy way to get some randomly chosen numbers for almost any type of game.

Lucky Nos. may just be the luck you needed!

- Includes Lucky Nos. for Apple Watch.
- A Universal App, designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
- Numbers are randomly generated each game.
- Create your own custom game types with their own names.
- Create an unlimited amount of different game types.
- Choose from 1 draw or 2 separate draws (e.g. for Powerball games).
- Choose a maximum number for each draw (up to 100).
- Choose how many numbers to draw (up to the maximum number for that draw).
- Choose from a round ball or a square shape.
- After selecting a game type, just touch the front screen to play!

Game Type Examples
If you wanted to get 10 random numbers for the Australian Keno, you could use the following example settings:

Name: Keno 10
No. of Draws: 1
Highest Number: 80
Numbers Drawn: 10
Shape: Round

Or if you wanted to get random numbers for the Australian Powerball, you could use the following settings:

Name: Powerball
No. of Draws: 2
1st Draw
Highest Number: 45
Numbers Drawn: 5
Shape: Round
2nd Draw
Highest Number: 45
Numbers Drawn: 1
Shape: Round

Lucky Nos. is provided as entertainment only. The numbers are generated randomly in each game. The developer does not accept liability for use of these numbers or for the loss or damages incurred as a result of reliance upon these numbers.